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Conversations under a bridge Pt. 1

I am blessed to live next a running trail that goes along a river. It’s quite enjoyable, and if I’m feeling especially energetic, I’ll run all the way downtown. One of the unique qualities of the trail is the numerous … Continue reading

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The Open Road

                 You road I enter upon and look around, I believe you are not all                              That is here,   … Continue reading

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The Laundromat Diaries Pt. 2

After my first experience I felt a new sense of resolve to make an effort to make some sort of social effort with the Laundromat community. I decided to do my laundry at the Dutch Maid and certainly had one of … Continue reading

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The Laundromat Diaries Pt. 1

I’m finding that some of the most exciting action in Wichita happens at Laundromats. I fancy two specific locations off of Seneca: The Lost Sock, and The Dutch Maid. The Lost Sock is nice because it is open 24/7, and … Continue reading

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